Puzzer™ FS20 Finisz

Puzzer™ FS20 Finisz


1. Polymer formula

2. Tile fillers – easy to apply and sand

3. Perfect for manual and power application

4. Excellent finish – perfectly smooth walls


A ready-to-use putty coat for preparing perfectly smooth walls and ceilings inside buildings before painting or paperhanging, as well as for jointing plasterboards.

Apply on homogeneous, clean and dry substrate. For weak substrates that are strongly absorbent or smooth and slick, use a relevant primer. Apply layers thick within 1 to 3 mm. Apply each other layer when dried the previous one. Apply at temperature above +10ºC. The setting time for a single layer (at 20ºC, humidity 65%): approx. 4 h. For automatic application or in the case of too high dense consistency, dilute the pulp by adding up to 5% pure water. Sandpaper when complete dry.