Flair For Rust
YIELD TO 8 M²/L  max in one application.
CONTAINERS 650ml, 2,5L

Flair For Rust


  1. 8 Years of Active Protection*
  2. 3 in 1: easy and fast application
  3. Increased weather and UV resistance
  4. Applied directly on rust / excellent adhesion


Stir the paint and apply with a brush, a roller or by spraying. Recoat with topcoats in 2 to 4 hours. Paint at substrate and ambient temperatures from +10°C to +30°C. Clean the tools with water. Use only in well-ventilated indoor rooms. Keep in tightly closed containers. Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Storage temperature: +5ºC to +30ºC


*8 Years of Active Protection: If the surface preserved with the coating according to the manufacturer’s instructions is attacked by rust in 8 years from the product date of purchase, FFiL Śnieżka S.A. will accept your warranty claim and consider the reimbursement against a valid proof of purchase.

A primer enamel for anti-corrosion protection of steel and cast iron. The product is perfect as a new coat or for renovation of old paint coats on fences, gates, doors, railings, transport vehicle structures, farming machines, industrial machinery and equipment, motor vehicle details, etc. Available in several decorative finishes. Do not apply on steel floors, stairways or other flooring surfaces.
The surface to be painted shall be dry, clean, degreased and free from dust, salt stains, flaking coats or loose rust. When applying on old coats, to a test application with a small amount of the product and leave for ca. 1 h. If application defects are evident, e.g. swelling of warping of the old coat, remove it completely. Consult the manufacturer for industrial and custom applications. Coating – Stir the product thoroughly before use. Apply with a brush, a short pile roller, by airless spraying or air-spray in professional painting cabins. The commercial product form is ready to use. You may reduce the viscosity according to the application method and tools: dilute with 3% max for brush application or 10% for spray application. Do a test application with the thinned product. Paint in criss-cross strokes and wet on wet (apply in 2 to 3 layers) with the time to recoat of 0.5 to 2 h, depending on the layer thickness. See the Technical Data Sheet for the recommended coating thickness. The coat finish and durability depend on the application method, tools and layer thickness. Thinning and cleaning of tools – Flair Rust Thinner